Cough,Cold and Fever

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Clerodendrum Serratum-Turk’s Turban Moon Plant-Bharangi
  • Best for healthy respiratory system.
  • Works as pain reliever for rheumatism,inflammation.
  • Used in treatment of malarial fever.
Rs. 360.00
Adhatoda Zeylanica-Justicia Adhatoda-Malabar Nut-Vasaka
  • Plant is a good cough suppressant.
  • Leaves are used to cure asthma, nasal congestion, and other respiratory diseases.
  • It reduces bleeding during menstrual cycles.
Rs. 380.00
Alstonia Venenata-Analivegam-Devil Tree
  • Alstonia Venenata is used as an anti-snake venom (ASV).
  • Used to treat dangerous snakes bites like cobra, viper and all types of venomous bites.
  • Effective for treating skin disorders and Fever.
Rs. 345.00